Kathy M And Jasper - Rally Excellent Trial
Kathy M And Jasper – Rally Excellent Trial

All new members of the club will be given Associate Member status during the first six months of the membership.  As an Associate Member they will receive:

  • Half price for all classes               
  • Leashline Newsletter

However, they will not be voting members of the club.

At the completion of the first six months of membership, an Associate Member may ask the club to be upgraded to voting member status (either Single or Household).  As a voting Member they will receive :

  • Half price for first training class per dog – all subsequent classes free
  • Leashline
  • Eligible to hold an office
  • Ability to vote on all club business requiring a vote

Requirements for acceptance to Voting Member Status

To be considered for Voting Member status, an Associate Member must attend 50 % of the meetings held during the first six months of membership. Also, they must be involved in at least two of the following activities during the first six months of membership.  Activities include:

  1. Exhibitions (for example at dog walks)
  2. Judge or assist at Class Graduations or CGC testing.
  3. Educational Programs
  4. Summer fun activities
  5. Answer the club phone or email
  6. Steward at a trial or match
  7. Other activities to be considered on a case by case basis


The club encourages interested persons to train in one of our classes prior to applying for membership.  Exceptions do exist e.g. a move from another city where the individual belonged to a training club.  If you are interested ask your SADTC instructor, a club member, or contact us by phone or email about about our next club meeting time and location.  Application form must be completed with two sponsor’s signatures required for membership application and appropriate fee provided at the time application.